Carpet Connection has an extensive collection of wood flooring ranging from traditional solid oak planks to contemporary engineered floors with innovative new finishes. Our emphasis is always on providing beautiful and long lasting flooring solutions to compliment modern lifestyles.

Solid Oak Floor

A solid oak floor fitted by our experienced fitters will add a natural beauty to your home and will last lifetime. Our solid floors range from 18-20 mm thick and have a sandable layer of 6 mm and can be sanded and resealed many times if needed. Please note that solid floors are not suitable for underfloor heating. This should be kept in mind when choosing a floor – we can advise on suitable products for underfloor heating.

Engineered Floors

Boards are made up of multiple layers that cross at 90 degrees, glued and pressed together. The hardwood top layer ranging from 3-4 mm is bonded to the inner core which is made up of soft wood strips usually spruce and incorporate the tongue and groove system. The bottom layer is a thin softwood veneer with the grain running the same way as the top layer.

Wood floors can be finished in variety of finishes as follows:

  • Lacquer – A lacquer finish can range from matt to gloss and has a smooth hard wearing finish
  • Natural Oil – This finish is the most natural of any, creating a deep lustre whilst maintaining a tactile surface.
  • UV Oil – Each coat of oil is cured under ultra-violet light creating a slight satin sheen on the surface. This finish combines the natural lustre of the oil with a tougher surface finish.


For all finishes, keep the surface free from dust and grit and protect furniture with pads. Specific cleaning and maintenance advise will be given for your wood floor and it’s finish.

The Environment

It is a common misconception that hardwood flooring is a cause of deforestation. Our hardwood is only sourced from well managed and sustainable purpose farmed forests with only mature trees selected for harvest. For each tree felled, several more fast growing saplings are planted for the next generation.